Boating BUIs and MIPs

Come Memorial Day, one of the busiest boating days of the year, summer parties and boating season will be in full swing. Extra care needs to be taken on the water since alcohol and boating can easily become a very scary mix. Unfortunately, alcohol is the leading factor in approximately 34% of all boating deaths […]

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Bail Collateral FAQs:

What is Collateral:

Bail collateral can be offered in place of or in addition to bail money to ensure that the person arrested will appear in court. Collateral covers the bail company’s costs of finding and returning to jail the arrested party should they fail to appear in court.


Do I Need Collateral:

Every case is different, meaning […]

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Payment Plans for Bail Bonds

Pulling together thousands of dollars at a moment’s notice is not an easy task for a majority of the population. However, if you or a loved one have been arrested, you will find yourself in this exact situation. Getting yourself or a loved on out of jail requires financial resources that most people can’t access […]

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Becoming a Bail Bond Co-Signer

When somebody co-signs for a bail bond, that person has to sign a promissory note or an indemnity agreement which says he or she is financially obligated to pay the entire bail amount if the accused person does not appear in court. After co-signing the bail bond, the accused will subsequently be released from detention […]

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DUIs – Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re currently facing, you recently faced or you just want to avoid an arrest for driving under the influence, chances are you have more than a few question about it. Our bondsman are always happy to answer any questions you have about an arrest, but to get some answers even before you contact us, […]

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DUI Breath Test

Often the thing that determines whether or not you’ll be arrested for DUI is the sobriety test result. The problem with this is that these tests can’t be relied on to be accurate or consistent. For one, many law enforcement DUI investigation techniques depend largely upon the fictitious premise that all humans are physiologically identical. […]

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DUI Arrests

Driving under the influence in Coweta County, Georgia can result in a whole slew of problems — legal, financial, personal, even familial or emotional. Some common DUI consequences include jail time, legal fees, license suspension, forced installation of an interlock ignition device in your vehicle, increased insurance costs and feelings of depression and doubt. Summer may […]

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What Makes Our Bail Bonds Better

Even for ordinary crimes, the cost of bail often turns out to be a lot more than the Average Joe could afford to pay without any prior notice. Since no one really plans on experiencing an arrest, there’s really isn’t much notice at all in any bail situation. Bail bonds make it possible to get […]

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How Judges Determine Bail

Not all crimes lead to a bail hearing. Minor offenses may allow the officers at the jail to issue a standard bail amount and release an arrestee with little or no time in a jail cell. Jails usually have a bail schedule that the officers can refer to for minor offenses. Serious offenses, however, will […]

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3 Most Common Offenses Nationwide

Arrests happen every day, in practically every county. While many get arrested for serious offenses, statistics have shown that the largest bulk of the arrests and criminal prosecutions in North Georgia and elsewhere are:

Criminal Traffic Offenses 

Not a day goes by without someone being arrested for a criminal traffic offense in or around Clayton County. Police, […]

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